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TMU reveals plans for email domain name change

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By Edouard Djan

Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU) will be changing its email domain name over the winter break, the school has announced.

In an email sent to TMU Computing and Communications Services (CCS) students, faculty, and staff on August 23, the university said it plans to move emails to the new “@” during the mid-year winter break. between December 26, 2022 and January 6, 2023.

The transition is occurring during the break to “avoid disruption to academic activities,” the email read.

Nothing is required from users when this change occurs. The university also said that emails sent to the “” domain name will continue to be delivered to their intended recipient.

The revelation first reported last year that the school planned to redirect emails from the “” domain to the new name “”, even after the change.

“That’s a big part of what we’re working on: managing the new domain name and continuing to make the old links and email addresses work properly,” said Brian Lesser, the university’s chief information officer. last September.

“At some point, everyone should be able to use a new email address, but mail should also continue to be delivered to their ‘’ address.”

Although Lesser did not reveal at the time how long the emails could be redirected, he said the redirection would continue “for a long time”.

The university also didn’t elaborate in its announcement, but said it will “monitor the use of Ryerson email addresses in future years after the change and reassess the need to continue sending emails.” -emails sent to ‘@ryerson​.ca’ addresses.”

The school also recommended that users notify senders outside the university of the domain name change.

According to the university, core Google Workspace apps such as Gmail, Drive, and Calendar can be accessed normally without any changes.

The university also warned that any third-party apps using the old domain name could be affected by the change, as the school does not “provide direct support for those apps.”

Although the university has said that no changes or actions are required from users upon the change, custom customizations such as email filters will not be automatically updated. This means that emails filtered using the “” domain will not continue to be filtered once they are moved to “” unless a user’s settings are changed. updated to reflect the name change.

A complete list of what customizations and third-party apps that may be affected by the domain name change are available on the school’s website.