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The domain industry loses a gentle giant with the death of Shaun Pilfold

fight well, as it was also his fightbut his thoughts were on how the disease was affecting others
and commemorating those he had already taken. It was Shaun – a man who will most certainly live in
our hearts and memories.

was a very successful domain investor and developer, having owned and/or helped develop top assets such as, Candy.California, Houses.California,
gold course.California and many more. His

The e-commerce site has also proven to be a big hit. Sean was also a well-known player in the geodomain space as the owner of,
and Yet his keen sense of domain is not what drew so many to Shaun and made him one of the the most loved people in business. It was the way he dealt with and communicated with everyone around him.

I met Shaun in person for the first time in 2005 when we were both at Domainfest
conference at Los Angeles and the East TRAFFIC conference at Delray Beach, Florida. We already knew each other on online domain forums, but to truly appreciate Shaun, you had to meet him in person. My first impression was that this guy was a living, breathing Teddy bear – you were instantly comfortable with him and would have been happy to give him a big hug – in fact, many have!

Marcia Lynn Walker give to her friend Shaun Pilfold a hug to
2005 East TRAFFIC conference at Delray Beach, Florida.

Above: Many of us have come to know Shaun through,
belonging at the time to Greg Rick (top right), seen here with
Shaun to 2007 East TRAFFIC
conference at Hollywood, Florida.

Shaun made lots of other friends in the geodomain community where he was well known as the owner/operator of several Canadian city .com websites. In this snapshot of Geodomain Expo 2007 in San FranciscoShaun (far left), chats with a friend during the live domain auction.

Shaun was also at Geodomain Expo 2008
in Chicago where it is seen
share some thoughts from his seat in the audience during a panel discussion.

Above: Wherever the people of the estate gathered, Shaun
was probably there,
make new friends and enjoy the chance to see old ones again. He’s there
discuss with Eliot Silver to TRAFFIC 2007 conference at New York City.

In 2010, Shaun finally had the chance to welcome his many industry friends to a big event on his side of the border to Vancouver TRAFFIC
conference at Canada. This special occasion was a surprise birthday party for Gregg McNair (far right). When it comes to wish people good luckShaun has always been front and center and this was no exception.

Now that Shaun is gone, all we can do is send our sincere condolences to his family and friends and share our stories of how he had a positive impact on our lives
with his calm, kindness and grace. It was a wonderful blessing to know him and I’m sure anyone who’s ever met him will tell you the same. Thank you Shaun, for being the man you were and showing us how to do it right in business and in life.