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Sleepy Courtyard Genshin Impact New Domain

Genshin Impact has been updated to 2.3, and as is always the case with every GI update, a bunch of new content and gameplay systems have been added to the game. Of course, new areas always have is an integral part of the Genshin Impact experience, and this time we will be able to visit the Sleeping Court. Our Sleepy Courtyard Genshin Impact New Domain guide will show you the exact location of this new domain, as well as what you need to do to unlock it.

Location of the sleeping Genshin Impact court

The sleeping courtyard is on the island of Seirai. It’s on the northernmost island there. Use the nearest waypoint to teleport there. Once on this part of the island, head straight to the location of the Sleeping Court. There are some bushes in your path and it might seem like you can’t walk through them, but you can’t, so keep moving forward until you reach the entrance to this new area.

Location of the sleeping Genshin Impact court
Location of the sleeping courtyard.

How to unlock Slumbering Court Genshin Impact

When you’re ready to take on the challenges inside, step into the sleepy courtyard. Indoors, ley line disorder is in effect. This means that all Electro characters receive a + 40% damage bonus, which makes them very useful here. When you start the challenge inside, you will have 6 minutes to defeat all the opponents there. After doing that, head to the Petrified Tree. To revitalize it, you will need 20 Original Resin. You can also spend Original Resin to receive an additional reward. There are many prizes you can claim here. These include the Husk of Opulent Dreams, Ocean-Hued Clam, Defender’s Will, and Brave Heart. These are sets of individual artifacts, and they will provide better bonuses as you get more items belonging to the same set. For example, the Defender’s Will set includes the Guardian’s Flower, Guardian’s Seal, Guardian’s Clock, Guardian’s Ship, and Guardian’s Ring.