Domain range launches NFT domain name minting on Ethereum blockchain, .metaverse, .blockchain domains up for grabs

Web 3.0 has received a lot of popularity lately, and it is way too different from Web 2.0 because it is decentralized. This means that creators can be fully themselves without any constraints from central entities. Web 3.0 is the third generation revolution of the Internet for various supported websites which can be entirely on their own without the control of any third-party provider. is an NFT domain marketplace for crypto domains, aiming to help businesses and creators help them transition smoothly from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. This will help these businesses become permissionless and long-lasting setups on the web. With Quik, users can create an intelligent and connected web service.

Also, with the introduction of metaverse and cryptography, the world is moving into the digital realm, where everything has moved online. A new metaverse ecosystem has been created to benefit every individual slowly and steadily. Unlike Web 2.0 platforms, where ownership was unsecured and provided on a rental basis, Web 3.0 is a one-time purchase and benefits the individual.

Web 3.0: The future of the Internet!

It should be noted that as more businesses begin to enter the Web 3.0 space, there will be an increase in demand for NFT domains. So, Quik has taken the lead in these initial transition periods to help businesses transition smoothly.

Quik offers unique solutions for the transition to Web 3.0. It offers various NFT domains with perfect decentralized domain URL with lifetime ownership. Additionally, it has also launched 6 TLDs, including .metverse, .vr, .blockchain domainsetc These domains are available on a first-come, first-served basis, as mining procedures restrict them., “the world’s leading crypto marketplace for NFT names”, sees the enormous power of NFT domains. The forum contains domain name registration where users can search for specific listings, designed to enable the buying and selling of blockchain-based NFT domains.

Web 3.0 is the new turning point in the history of the Internet, as it is the “intelligent generation” of the Internet that transmits everything you say through text, voice or data in any form. whether it be. The Internet must be fully integrated to fully transition the Web from its second generation to the third generation. Additionally, we should mandate the acceptance of new domains and TLDs.

As Web 3.0 networks will work on the basics – the foundations of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency – we can expect to see strong ties and symbiotic relationships between these three technologies and other areas. They will work together, seamlessly integrated, automated using smart contracts, and used to enable anything from microtransactions.

So join Quik today and explore the hidden potential of Web 3.0 with a range of NFT domains and TLDs!