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Polycab Telecom launches its partnership program for the SCS – CRN domain

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Polycab Telecom is taking its passive network activity (SCS) to the next level with its new partnership program. Strengthening the partner ecosystem, this partnership program follows the company’s recent launch of passive networking solutions and accessories.

“In these times of incessant evolution towards hyper-connectivity, Polycab Telecom is constantly exploring to define means and discover ideas to achieve this digital change, with its offers of the whole range of end-to-end passive networking solutions” , says Ashish D. Jain, Executive Chairman and Chief Operating Officer, Polycab Telecom.
With the focus on innovative technologies, the emergence of a work-from-home culture and 5G looming, Polycab Telecom envisions robust growth for itself, in response to the demands of a faster, low-latency network. and more efficient in the future.

While the company has formulated plans to make these passive network solutions and accessories available to its customers through its pan-Indian partner network, the reactivation of the partner program is underway to boost new product penetration, improve delivery excellence and increase customer value.

“This is a new streamlined partnership program that brings new resources, capabilities and support from Polycab, to bring more agility to our growing ecosystem of trusted partners. This will provide them with more in-depth skills and help them align well to support GTM plans to acquire more and more customers with a hand-in-hand approach, ”said Bishwajit Sutradhar, National Sales Director, Passive Networking Business, Polycab.
Polycab’s partner ecosystem has unique capabilities, responding to a variety of customer bases and requirements. With the aim of providing its partners with access to a wider customer base, creating more value for their customers and increasing their market share, the company has adopted a 4-level partner activation with Digital-infra partners. , data partners, Gold partners and partners. for SMEs.

“We are pleased to offer increasingly flexible and accommodating business models to support all levels of partners,” says Sutradhar.
“The new program provides ownership partners with maximum access to business opportunities, loyalty programs and competitive offers to acquire target customers from various fields to inspire them to perform at their best with responsibility. Aligned with our firmness in customer orientation, we are committed to assisting our partners with product customization, sales and pre-sales design commitments, strong marketing and branding to broaden the customer footprint, logistics and a whole arc of support, facilitating by combining their various capabilities and simplifying the execution of value propositions for us as OEMs ”, summarizes Mr. Jain.
Building on our dominance in power solutions, Polycab partners will be well positioned to identify and respond to current and future demands for data networks in targeted segments, which is why cross-selling opportunities are an integral part. of the Polycab Telecom partnership program.

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