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Listen to NPR’s New Public Domain Superhero Musical, Micro-Face

Over the past year or so, NPR Silver Planet led a recurring series on the economics of superhero intellectual property. What started as an attempt to appraise and buy an obscure Marvel Comics property has turned into a journey into the depths of the public domain, with NPR resurrecting an obscure superhero called micro-face (Do you understand? Because he has a microphone for a face? No wonder no one wants to own this guy). The Silver Planet people made redundant Micro-Face Productsas well as a new Micro-Face comic book reboot, written by Alex Segura (whose most recent novel is also an exploration of IP).

And now, for the final act of Micro-Face Cinematic Universe, Silver Planet licensed the rights to their reboot of Micro-Face to a musical theater composer named Kit Goldstein Grant, who turned the podcast superhero into the star of his own hopeful Broadway musical — and you can listen a staged reading of the show below. It’s no Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark …but it might be a good idea. It’s a delightful hokey love letter to NPR, with some interesting eeeeeee complications around some other public institutions, and I can’t wait to see the next stage of the show’s evolution: