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Lego recovers cybersquatted web3 related domains – Domain Name Wire

Man has registered 14 domains including the famous Lego brand.

Image courtesy Lego.

Lego, the maker of iconic connectable toy parts, has won a case (pdf) against a cybersquatter who registered a bunch of web3 related domains with the famous brand.

Most of the 14 name a cryptocurrency connection:

The company filed a lawsuit against John Corona of Texas. Whois records show that many domains are registered with Patriots Act, LLC, although I couldn’t find a Texas registered entity with that name.

According to the ruling of the Global Intellectual Property Case, Lego sent a cease and desist to Corona, asking it to transfer the domains for its disbursements. Lego filed the case when it got no response.

Corona did not file a formal response but emailed the PMOI and the plaintiff offering to sell the domains.

The case notes that the defendant registered other domains containing web3 terms and famous marks.

It was an easy case for panelist Alistair Payne, who ordered the domains transferred.

CSC Digital Brand Services Group AB represented Lego in the litigation.