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Here are the Metaverse-related domains that Meta (Facebook) has registered – domain name wire

The list is short.

Last week, Facebook announced that it was renaming its corporate entity to Meta, as it aims to be a key player in Metaverse technology. It doesn’t change the name of its main properties, including Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

The company acquired with an attractive transaction. The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative “acquired” a scientific research project called Meta many years ago. Meta (the science project) uses but also Meta (the research project) will be closed next year.

Whenever a company announces a new branding or a new product, it registers many areas to go with it. For example, Amazon has registered 28 domains for its new multi-room Echo audio launch. He registered over 75 domains when he purchased the Seattle Arena naming rights.

Meta seems to take a more reserved approach. Maybe he understands that he can’t own the term meta. Perhaps, like Alphabet, it is not very concerned with protecting it because it is just a name for the corporate umbrella.

I’m tracking Meta domain registrations on DomainTools, and only 15 metaverse related domains have appeared in the last week. Many of them appear to be domains created for internal use. Here is the list.

For now, it looks like Facebook is not sparing areas related to the Metaverse.