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Domain Name System (DNS) Security: Which Solution Is Best?

The Domain Name System (DNS) is a fundamental network service that is essential for both connectivity and security, as it can provide a backdoor to data breaches. It should therefore not be overlooked as a first level security check. However, choosing the right DNS security solution is not always easy, and businesses have a number of options to choose from.

Over 388,000 professionals have used central computer station research to inform their purchasing decisions. Their latest article takes a look at the top rated DNS security providers, profiling them, and looking at what they can offer businesses.

Here is a breakdown of the major players currently active in the market:

DNS border of blue cat

Average grade: 6.0

Best comparison: Palo Alto Networks DNS Security

Overview: Gives cybersecurity and network teams shared visibility and control over internal and external DNS traffic, and adds a much-needed layer of visibility, control, and detection for corporate networks besieged by attacks that exploit DNS.

Cisco umbrella

Average grade: 8.4

Best comparison: Zscaler Internet Access

Overview: Provides easy-to-implement Internet browsing and web security solutions for families, schools, government organizations, and businesses of all sizes.

Infoblox Advanced DNS Protection

Average grade: 8.0

Best comparison: Cisco umbrella

Overview: Effectively protects organizations from the widest range of DNS DDoS attacks, ensuring that businesses can maintain service uptime.

Infoblox BloxOne Threat Defense

Average grade: 8.6

Best comparison: Cisco umbrella

Overview: Strengthens and optimizes the business security posture from the ground up, giving businesses the visibility, control and automation they need to secure the hybrid workplace.


Average grade: 8.5

Best comparison: Infoblox Advanced DNS Protection

Overview: Distributes DNS and user application requests based on company policies, data center and cloud service conditions, user location, and application performance.

Palo Alto Networks DNS Security

Average grade: 8.5

Best comparison: Cisco umbrella

Overview: A cloud-based analytics platform providing enterprise firewalls with access to DNS signatures generated using advanced predictive analytics and machine learning, with

malicious domain data from a growing threat intelligence sharing community.

TitanHQ WebTitan

Average grade: 9.5

Best comparison: Cisco umbrella

Overview: A powerful web filter that provides web security threat protection and advanced web and DNS filtering control to businesses around the world.

DNS protection of web root

Average grade: 9.0

Best comparison: Cisco umbrella

Overview: Offers a fast, simple and very efficient way to secure the DNS protocol connection against cyber attacks.

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