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Creative Biolabs targets single-domain antibody protection against COVID-19

The findings recently published in Cell reports described that immune particles derived from the blood of llamas have the potential to provide protection against Omicron, SARS-CoV-2 and other 18 variants of COVID-19. Creative Biolabs scientists hail this study as special VHH antibodies (or single domain antibodies, sdAbs) produced by llamas, camels and alpacas have only one polypeptide chain, making them smaller, more stable and firmer than normal antibodies when tested bind to disease targets.

“We agree that the low costs for llama antibody productiontheir superior stability and ability to protect the airways against infection would make single domain antibodies ideal candidates for developing new therapies. They explained.

Although there is promise in linking multiple sdAbs to form a chain and penetrate the surface of the virus in all directions, binding to multiple regions to prevent the virus from escaping and mutating, more research is needed. Creative Biolabs has long been recognized for its innovation and commitment to the development of novel single-domain antibodies, and its comprehensive sdAb solutions, including antibody discovery, optimization, characterization, humanization, and production. unique domain, have helped researchers from all over the world to succeed in their projects. .

To accelerate the investigation of VHH antibodies as therapeutics that complement vaccines and monoclonal antibodies in the case of new variants of COVID-19, Creative Biolabs announces additions to its antibody discovery portfolio – the sdAb discovery based on the library display.

Creative Biolabs can generate different single domain antibodies by combining libraries with potent sdAb screening methods. The company highlights the strategy of recovering sdAb binders by screening to ensure the highest affinities. Some new selection and display technologies for screening in its sdAb discovery line include:

  • Solid phase screening strategy
  • Filtering strategy by sorting solutions
  • Cell screening strategy
  • invivo screening strategy
  • Other specialized screening strategies

All antigen-specific sdAbs, including those specific to COVID-19 variants, can be screened from sdAb libraries by Creative Biolabs by phage display, yeast display, or other selection protocols to support the discovery of new drugs. Check out his successful cases at


Creative Biolabs, the pioneer in single-domain antibody drug discovery, is a life science company that provides researchers with the high-quality antibody products and services they need to pursue their research projects. development of new therapies against a wide range of diseases. Creative Biolabs one-stop sdAb solutions improve time to market for new therapies, including services for new sdAb development, specificity optimization, stability enhancement, functional identification , humanization, and custom sdAb production and manufacturing.

The Company’s sdAb screening platform has helped researchers at leading research centers, pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies around the world, empowering them to screen for single domain antibodies with nM to pM affinity, including some difficult targets like membrane proteins, small molecules, haptens, peptides. , and PTM-modified peptides.

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