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Company shuts down neo-Nazi website with .cn domain after it was unknowingly exploited following Buffalo shooting

Law enforcement officials are seen at the scene of a mass shooting at Tops Friendly Market at Jefferson Avenue and Riley Street on May 15, 2022 in Buffalo, New York. Photo: CGV

The company responsible for the proxy registration of a website, which exerted influence on the Buffalo shooter and which was previously identified as having a .cn domain name, told the Global Times that the resolution of the name domain and the site account had been closed. after learning that he was unknowingly exploited.

The company pointed out that it had no knowledge of the content or nature of the site when registering the domain name.

“Daily Stormer” is a website which, according to the author of the Buffalo shooting that shook the world, Payton Gendron, had a strong influence on him. The website surprisingly had a .cn country code domain, which led some media and the public to accuse China of being involved in the incident and even of “supporting the American far right and neo-Nazism”.

Such accusations turned out to be completely false.

The website was set up by notorious American neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin in April through a Guangdong-based proxy firm Naisi Zhihui Technology, the Global Times found, while the company n had no knowledge of the content of the website.

“We take this matter very seriously and shut down his domain name and account overnight,” the company’s chief told the Global Times on Tuesday, noting that the company was unaware of the nature of the problem. website at check-in.

“The owner of the site [Daily Stormer] only filled in the basic registration information when registering the domain name, and then obtained the domain name through a domain name affiliation,” explained Naisi Zhihui Technology.

Staff at the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) told the Global Times on Tuesday that the domain name of the neo-Nazi website had indeed been shut down. As for some people reporting that the site is still accessible, staff said it could be due to DNS caching.

The Global Times has also learned that the website has not undergone a government content review.

The Daily Stormer did not need to acquire the ICP deposit like national websites in China or review its contents when registering a domain name since the servers and IP addresses of the website were located overseas, CNNIC told the Global Times on Monday.

Public information shows that Daily Stormer was originally registered in the United States in 2017. After being blocked by American service providers, its owner Andrew Anglin approached domain name providers in Russia, Albania, Austria and in Iceland, among other countries, to get a local domain. , but his requests were all denied one after another. Not a month ago, he brought the notorious site to the Chinese Internet and escaped content scrutiny.