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Bruce Billson urges SMEs to consider .au domain ahead of ‘catastrophic’ cut

“If you want it, small business owners, I urge you to take a few minutes and a few dollars to register it or potentially face someone else grabbing it and using it to digitally ambush your company, only to demand big bucks later to give it back to you, or misuse it to impersonate you or help them engage in cybercrime.”

Billson described the public awareness campaign around the changes and the deadline as “less than impactful”, and said he was “not surprised that so few people know about it”.

“My commitment to small businesses and a wide range of organizations representing small businesses and family businesses is that they are generally unaware of this change or understand the potential consequences.”

The .au Domain Administration (auDA), a non-governmental regulator, rejected Billson’s letter requesting an extension.

“So all I can do is try to make sure that small businesses and family businesses aren’t taken aback when it comes to the .au shorthand domain name,” he said. declared.

“Domain names are the identity of a business and are essential to its success. Small businesses cannot afford to sell their identity to someone else.

Small businesses can check information about their current domain name licenses here.