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Blockbuster $15M sale of gives domain industry a good start

In the 2nd largest domain sale never publicly reported, changed hands for $15 milliona figure eclipsed only by the $30 million sale of in 2019. The news fell this morning in a joint Press release (.pdf file) of

and premium brokerage and domain acquisition specialists

The agreement was negotiated for a undisclosed buyer by the teams and
who worked hand in hand with who facilitated the historical operation. Plans for the marquee domain have yet to be announced, but a statement from indicates that the buyer has associations with other Web3 projects, such as (a web3 service organized for artists).

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The main deal broker, Domainer.comit is matt holdensaid “It was a pleasure to work with all parties involved in, an incredible opportunity for the buyer to acquire a non-categorized domain and one of, if not the best .com possible in the entire Web3 space.” Ian Garnerdirector of, added “The recent purchase of is an acquisition that all brokerage platforms would love to be part of. It was truly a privilege to have played our part in the deal and to continue to represent a very happy buyer.”

This news removes all suspense on what will be the number 1 sale in our next bi-weekly domain sales report which will be released tonight. At the same time, will be placed in the first position on our Chart of the top 100 sales since the beginning of the year. Congratulations to all parties involved in making it happen. I think for just about everyone in our industry, this is the kind of news you like to wake up to!