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AWS Local Zones Expand Globally – Web Hosting | Cloud Computing | Data center

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced the completion of 16 Local Zones in the United States and is excited to launch 32 new Local Zones in 26 countries around the world. AWS Local areas are infrastructure deployments closer to large population and industrial centers. It enables industries like Netflix and Ubitus to deliver services with single-digit millisecond latency. Industries that require ultra-low frequency like remote real-time gaming, live video streaming, augmented reality, and virtual reality want AWS infrastructure closer to their end customers. Local areas will help these industries provide a seamless experience for their customers.

Prasad Kalyanaraman, Vice President of Infrastructure Services at AWSnoted “The edge of the cloud is expanding and now becoming available virtually everywhere. Thousands of AWS customers using US-based AWS Local Zones are able to optimize low-latency applications designed specifically for their industries and their customers’ use cases. With the success of our first Local Zones in 16 US cities, we are expanding to more locations for our customers around the world who have requested these same capabilities to push the edge of cloud services to new places. AWS Local Zones will now be available in more than 30 new locations worldwide, giving customers a powerful new ability to leverage cloud services in milliseconds from hundreds of millions of end users around the world.

“With AWS Local Zones, Edgegap can now deploy even closer to where players are, elevating their gaming experience to new heights.”, noted Mathieu Duperré, CEO of Edgegap Technologies which is the leading game hosting service provider.

Nils Pommerien, Director, Cloud Infrastructure Engineering – Netflixsaid, “By leveraging access to high-performance, low-cost compute resources from AWS, we were able to migrate parts of our content creation process to AWS Local Zones, while ensuring an even better experience for artists.

Wesley Kuo, CEO from the leader in cloud gaming technology, Ubitus noted, “We deploy latency-aware game servers around the world to be closer to gamers. Providing our users with consistent, low-latency gameplay is an important part of ensuring they have a great experience. AWS Local Zones are a game-changer Now we can easily deploy and test game server clusters in multiple cities across the country, ensuring all customers have a more consistent experience regardless of location.

Local Zones enable industries to build and operate AWS infrastructure, services, APIs, and tools, as well as leverage cloud services for edge computing with on-demand scaling , high availability and pay-as-you-go pricing. It gives applications running in local areas fast, secure, and seamless access to the rest of AWS services. Upcoming AWS Local Zones worldwide will allow customers around the world to experience live video streaming and gaming with single-digit millisecond latency.

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