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Adams’ eminent domain dispute continues at reunion – Butler Eagle

The red arrow in this Google Maps screenshot shows Frederick “Fritz” Bielo’s farm on Tess Lane in Adams Township and the location of the planned sewer line for the Franklin Acres housing plan. The Breakneck Creek Regional Authority took part of Bielo’s farm through eminent domain to place the line, which Bielo considers unfair. Google Maps

ADAMS TWP – More than two dozen community members attended a meeting Tuesday night at the Breakneck Creek Regional Authority to support Adams Township landowner Frederick “Fritz” Bielo, who is embroiled in a dispute pending on the authority’s use of eminent domain to take a portion of land from its ownership.

At the meeting, which at times escalated to the point of speakers raising their voices, clapping and talking to each other, residents posed questions to Breakneck attorney Tom King, engineer Daniel Goncz and the chairman of the board of William Weaver administration.

Speakers also spoke generally against the use of eminent domain to take a piece of land from Bielo measuring 1,200 feet by 50 feet, 20 feet for permanent easement, to place a sewer line that would service a part of Cranberry Township.

“You stole my property,” Bielo said. “A lot of these trees are 80 years old. For me, it’s a total loss.

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