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19 recent sales of end-user domain names – domain name wire

This is a holiday week makeup list.

I was late in posting the Sedo End User Sales List last week due to the holidays.

Sedo’s best selling last week was for $ 300,000. He is registered in the name of Kirill Zalipaev using a Gmail account. I cannot find a connection between this person and the popular crypto exchange.

Here are the end user sales that I discovered. You can check out previous listings like this here. $ 40,000 – SG International Electrik AS purchased this domain and set up a “coming soon” page with a logo. $ 20,000 – Wollemi Capital Pty Ltd is an environmentally focused investment fund. € 10,000 – 123Dentist Inc is a directory of dentists. $ 10,000 – The buyer of this great domain has an upcoming page. Does this sound like a good deal to you? $ 10,000 – RCT Studio provides AI technology to the gaming industry. It uses the domain. $ 9,000 – Dahler & Company is a real estate company. It forwards this domain to $ 8,000 – Softr is a website building platform. It uses the domain. $ 5,800 – A Spanish company called Adserver Limited purchased this domain. I believe its business name is Xandr and it is an ad technology company. $ 5,560 – Cloudzy is a web hosting company. $ 4,880 – NextChance Invest SL is a Spanish company with a number of websites. € 3,780 – A company in France called Chi Creation bought this domain. $ 5,000 – The buyer soon has a page for their new business. $ 4,248 – This is an online dress up game. £ 4,000 – Raffle, a site that runs charity raffles in Australia, has bought another domain from Sedo. $ 3,999 – Son Reve is a new online store. 3,800 € – Promostore GmbH sells personalized products like pens and mugs. 2,500 € – Elona is a technological platform for psychotherapy. It uses the domain. $ 2,220 – The domain resolves to one page with a logo for The Helix Fund. $ 2,200 – Veracar offers a digital alternative to cashier’s checks.